We’ll soon upload images of archived strips for you to browse; in the meantime, if you want a signed print ($20) or original drawing, email me at jim (at) jimmeddick (dot) com with the date of the comic you’re interested in.


8 Responses to Comic Strip Archive

  1. craig says:

    Hi Jim or whoever answers the emails.
    I would like to get a direct message through to Jim Meddick regarding his interesting references in recent comic strips to viruses, as well as a few other references to “conspiracies”.
    Robotman and Monty have always been my favorite msm comics. I am interested in sending Jim information (of things he may or may not be aware of) regarding subject matter in his recent work.
    hope o get a response guys.
    It is in reference to the Moshe case and Baxter in Ukraine.

  2. Edward G. says:

    Hi Jim,
    This is a dream come true to be able to get in touch with you and obtain signed and original art! I have every one of your published compilations except for the latest one. Anyway, keep up the super work. The wackiness of your strips and sometimes (and sometimes not so) subtle social commentary combined with the your illustration style always make my day!

  3. Bruce Sorrell says:

    Hello Jim, love your work. Before I became aware who wrote this strip I thought it must have been a team of writers because the quality and humour is always of a high standard.

    Was most disappointed when my newspaper (Herald Sun / Australia) stopped printing robotman. Hooray for internet.

    Please publish more Robotman / Monty books.

  4. Edward G. says:

    This great! I’ve been a longtime fan of Robotman and Monty. Thanks for getting this site up.

  5. al larabee says:

    Monty was just dropped by the seattle times. I’m rather upset since Monty is the best cartoon in the paper.

  6. Steve the Microwave Engineer says:

    Thank you for today’s (1-24-12) strip with the “Schottky barrier diode” reference. This is the first ever reference to a microwave component I have ever come across in the comics. Congratulations! Monty has always been one of my favorite strips, I read it every day, but now you are a personal hero of mine. Keep the microwave engineering references coming, and if you need more don’t hesitate to give me a holler!

  7. Benjamin Godfrey says:

    I remember laughing so hard the Robotman strip. I think it is amazing what you did with the concept. I just found out about Monty. I was wondering if you had some sort of collection of you work.

  8. Dwight says:

    Another Seattle Times reader upset by that newspaper dropping Monty. I don’t understand it. It was clearly the funniest strip in the paper. There must be something else behind this..???

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